Looking for Dialogue Partners!

Sunday, March 6th, 2011, Written by jackrosenberger

We at SPARK, especially myself, are always looking for other individuals who are engaged deeply in the work of promoting and advocating for human growth.  What is fascinating is how many people are engaged in this work (either for themselves or others–or both!)  and do not know the great number of people who are also trying to achieve the same goals.

In this way, clergy, social workers, psychologists, and care givers under hundreds of other names are often laboring alone. They feel alone and are often sitting on a mountain of wisdom about the journey of growth as a human being.  That’s why at SPARK, we want the entire world to know that we wish to band together with all of you! It doesn’t matter what psychological or religious background you might be from in order to share our collected wisdom. Or whatever pain you’re feeling; all too often our greatest wisdom comes from the experiences of pain we have suffered.

A GREAT example of this is the blog of Facebook entitled Care of Christchurch.  This young individual is using his own personal experience as a way of connecting with the larger world to promote care and connection with the people who have lived through this horrible disaster.  So do take a look at this blog; it will be worth your time.  Also, anyone so motivated is welcome to email or call any of us at SPARK to start any dialogue that will bring us all closer to where we most deeply wish to be.

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