New Spark Space

Sunday, August 21st, 2011, Written by jackrosenberger

As most Spark patients have learned, our offices have moved from 214 to LL 12.  This move was prompted by the desire to expand the space so that it could afford our patients a greater array of services. Also, our landlord, John Consalvi has been a SAINT, ever attempting to keep up with Spark’s goal of perfection.  He is a good patient guy and everyone should give him a round of applause!

1.  We now have a permanent waiting room which will never be used for treatment. It is decorated with great pieces of sub-Saharan African fine art.  It also sports a “window” which allows patients to look upon restful nature scenes while they are waiting for their therapists.  (Some people show up an hour early just to relax in the calm waiting room environment.

2.  The offices now exactly that:  plural. We have two new offices to accommodate the two new clinicians that have been brought onto the team.  Both Neil and David are fine therapists and bring different gifts to the practice.  We welcome them both.

3.  Spark now has a group room which will allow Spark clinicians to run both educational and therapeutic groups. These will start in the fall.  Look to the blog for more news about these opportunities.

4.  Being on the Lower Level allows everyone to feel safe and secure in our little nook that has been created just for us. In this way, from beginning to end, therapy at Spark should be an experience that advances everyone’s efforts toward healing and optimal living.

These changes would not have been possible without a team of people that have been more than patient and hardworking:  Brian McGee, Chief Technological Officer of Spark, Mike Johnson, mechanical engineer and contractor, Franz–the go to guy on all repairs.  These are just a few.  I look forward to working in the new space.  For those of you that have seen the space, feel free to give us comments and feedback.  We are always open to suggestions that would enhance our space!

In the virtual world, Keith Glantz will be making updates to our website.  We are very excited about making the blogs interactive.  This will roll out later this month.  So although it might sound like a lot of change, we look forward to serving everyone who is part of Spark of Creation Therapy.  Hopefully, we will serve everyone in this space with Heaven’s blessing for many years.  (I signed a lease for four years…so we’re there for years to come!)

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