Katie Ryan, LCSW

Our culture can medicalize and pathologize simple acts of questioning, or moments of wonder or despair. Symptoms risk being simply diagnosed and corrected rather than being explored for meaning. There is value in understanding our symptoms and what they are trying to communicate! The move toward deeper self-understanding is a brave one, and the art of psychotherapy lies in helping you get there.

Don’t question your questioning! My favorite patients are the ones who keep on asking.

My approach to treatment is eclectic, and I believe it should be individualized, depending on your developing needs. I practice primarily from an existential orientation, and draw upon humanistic, existential-phenomenological, and relational traditions. I’m a thoughtful listener, especially as I appreciate that sometimes it’s hard to say certain things out loud. I am curious, and committed to the process, and will ask your questions with you. And that’s the thing about therapy – it’s a collaboration; often, we find ourselves privately asking difficult questions but then struggle with finishing the conversation, but therapy is largely about building a relationship together that allows that conversation to begin.

Katie graduated in 2000 with an MA in Psychology from Duquesne University, and in 2004 with her MSW from New York University.